Coaching Session – 1 hour

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One Coaching or Healing Session with Dr. Dantè Sears.


Product Description

Whether its a bad relationship, a physical injury, or an irritating condition, when you’re facing the problem on your own, it can feel like an avalanche waiting to swallow you whole. It’s surprising the difference one coaching and healing session can make upon your overall psyche and personal well-being. That’s why we call Dante’s Intervention a laser-targeted healing modality. Our single healing sessions are aimed directly at resolving the root cause of the ailment or problem of your choice.


Dr. Danté Sears combines the most effective healing modalities such as NLP, Reiki, Trauma Release, Guided Imagery, Dreamsculpting, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Communication and Life Mastery Skills, and Natural Supplements like Essential Oils, CBD Oil, and Vitamins to deliver a powerful healing anchor to refresh and revitalize your mind and body.

Healing Sessions are completed over the phone, or via video chat.

In This Session We Will:

  1. Overview the problem
  2. Discuss your current mindset
  3. Uncover the root cause of your issue.
  4. Target the root cause for healing.
  5. Discuss contributing factors.
  6. Setup a plan to reverse any contributing factors.
  7. Create a strategy for optimal performance and health.

Clients report experiencing relief of the following ailments after this natural alternative healing session: Pain Relief, Headache Relief, Mood Stabilization, Boosted Confidence, Feelings of Security, Eradicate Insecurities, Enhanced Performance (speech, sports, physical, work), End bad Habits, Reduced or Eliminated Anxiety,  End of Depression, Motivation, Sense of Purpose, Heightened Insight, Enhanced Communication Skills, Marriage and Romantic Relationship improvements, inspiration, resolve inner conflict, no more frustration, release tension, help with concentration and memory.


What are you waiting for? That problem can be gone in mere minutes with Dr. Danté’s Intervention.

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