In December 2011 My daughter’s and I were heading to Florida for a visit

and when we went to board the airplane my then 9 year old daughter

Madison started to panic, shake and cry and ran off the plane, I tried to talk

to her about how safe it was to fly and a pilot that was nearby even tried to

talk to her but she said she wasn’t afraid of flying she was afraid the door

wouldn’t open again once it closed. At the time, I didn’t know what was

happening since she had been flying since she was a baby and she had

just been on a plane 6 months prior. Her condition started worsening when

she wouldn’t go on an elevator or even in a room where a door could close

behind her, for fear of getting locked in or stuck.

We would try to take her to the mall, restaurants and movies but she

wouldn’t go inside any of those places, it was getting to a point where we

couldn’t leave our home if it was to go anyplace with a door.

We took her to 3 specialists and therapists who worked with her but

couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem, and we were at our wits end, one

of the specialists had to come to the parking lot to work with her the first

few times since she wouldn’t go inside.


When I found Dante Sears Geyer, she started working with Madison immediately – and in

a very short time (4 sessions) we were once again able to go places that we hadn’t been

able to for a long time. I am happy to say Madison now goes on Trains, to

movies, in elevators, and this summer she has a trip planned to fly to

Florida to see her cousin who she hadn’t seen for over three years and she

is excited to go on a plane once again.


This would not be possible without the help of Dante and we will forever be grateful for her healing Madison.


Sueanne Edan Pereira Steinacker, Talent Agent  & Gregg Steinacker, Contractor (Spouse)


North Hollywood, CA