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The Life You Want.

Your Best Life Ever – Starting Now.

Choose the Coaching Plan that works best for you

– and then –

Prepare to Enter into Your Dream Life – and Take Control of Your Reality Now.


With Every Thought You Are Manifesting Your Reality.

With Every Thought You Are Manifesting Your Reality.

At Dante’s Intervention, 

We believe in the power of the mind.

With Dante’s Intervention – you’ll find words like

depression, headache, grief, lonely, fear, anxiety,  addiction, disease, disorder, and bad habits – become a thing of the past.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, manager, worker, or housewife –

If You’re Ready to Improve Your Life, we can help & inspire you to Live the Life You Love …right now.

Dante’s Interventions are Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), which is a powerful adjunct to spontaneous healing.

Free your Mind and Body of the root cause of Disease, Disorder, and Inner Conflict Now.

Embrace your true spirit – so you can Live Your Best Life – with  Love, Peace, Joy, Security, Ease, and Abundance.




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Relaxation Helps You Heal

Improve Your Life and Restore Your Health

with our Shift Happens Selfie-Care Membership





[testimonials backgroundcolor=”b63092″ textcolor=”999999″] [testimonial name=”Stephanie Townsend” gender=”female” company=”Lawyer”]”Wow, so relaxing. Your voice is so  soothing…it’s perfect.  I felt the healing ‘go right in’ – incredible! Now that my self love and self confidence are through the roof, nothing is blocking me from success. I’m ready to achieve my dreams. What I have gained from you is invaluable – ME!”[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Penny Dawson” gender= “female” company=”RN”]”Dante, you really are a Life Saver! My recurring headaches are LONG GONE!! Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong and the pain pills weren’t helping anymore. I thought modern medicine had all the answers, but your approach made so much sense… If only my doctor had you on staff.”[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Jason Hickson” gender=”male” company=”JH Consulting”]”Outstanding. You went straight to the heart of the matter. Your advice was right on. Doors are opening in my career… all because I took a chance to better myself. Thanks a million. “[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Susan Fischer” gender=”female” company=”Executive”]”I’m more relaxed than ever. My headaches are gone. I ‘m a lot happier and it shows. My smile is back – and so am I. The aches have subsided. I’m young again, and the world is full of possibilities. ‘Looking forward to our next meeting.”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]