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We are proud to offer doTerra Essential Oils to Accelerate the Healing and Recovery Process.

Have You Tried Essential Oils??

doTERRA Essential Oils are the purest and most potent Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils on the planet.  Each strain is collected in the plant’s authentic environment – and the plants are 100% organic, using doTERRA’s own 100% Natural Essential Oils as pest repellant.

heathy-through-the-holidays-doterra-presentation-6-638Not only will these oils help you relax, they stimulate healing in the mind, body, and spirit – by mere sniffing of their scents! They are also one of the rare few Essential Oil  Producers to offer digestible oils. Not only can most of the oils be inhaled, sniffed, and topically applied, they are also highly effective when taken orally.

My husband and I have come to enjoy daily essential oil use.  It took a few experiences with essential oils for us to become hooked. These days, they are a permanent fixture in our lives. We use them to heal hurts, inspire love, and uplift our daily mood.

Woke up in a bad mood? Oh, rest assured — there are oils for that, My Friend!  Try Ylang Ylang and Geranium. So heavenly. I challenge you to be in a bad mood after sniffing and/or applying the Serenity Blend – or the Lavender oil. It is impossible, I tell you.


Anxiety? Use 1 drop of doTERRA Balance on the back of your neck, daily, or as needed.  Headache? Try the PastTense Blend or Peppermint Oil … and watch your headache melt away.

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As I type this, I waver in intoxicating breezes of doTerra‘s Geranium Oil, Fennel, and Serenity. Stress and tension melt away, leaving me in pure bliss. I want everyone to feel this way. Join us.

After falling in love with doTerra’s effervescent essential oils, I decided to share this miraculous product with our family and friends, and now, my clients.

Yep, I use doTERRA in my client coaching sessions. These oils pack the punch; providing around-the-clock biological support to aid in  healing, boosting your wellness regimen, and  making the entire transformation process a ((delicately scented)) breeze.

What is it like to Experience doTERRA Essential Oils? Pure Bliss.  I truly wonder How I Ever Made it through Life without them!  A doTerra Essential Oil kit is a necessity for anyone that wants to heal, for emotional support, physical healing, mental well-being, and/or  to simply enjoy life.  Every family, coach, healer, masseuse, naturopath, parent, chiropractor, care provider, and human being can immensely benefit from owning a doTERRA  Essential Oils Kit.

aroma therapyTry it for yourself.. you’ll see.. and smell.  Here’s my best explanation of a doTERRA Essential Oil experience:

Imagine a Dull World that Doesn’t Even Seem That Dull ..except for the sore aching in your arms, legs, and back. However, This Day, a Large, Lovely Scented Bubble Drifts Above Your Head and Encapsulates You – From Head to Toe. From this Moment on – Ever Since the Bubble Descended Upon You – All You Can Smell is Loveliness. All You Can See Are Possibilities; As You Feel Yourself Swooning in Joy. You Feel Restored, Renewed, Reawakened. You Have On Rose-Colored Glasses and You Love The View. All is Well With the World… and You Are Awake.  You Can Feel Your Blood… Perfectly Pumping Throughout Your System. You Can Feel the Breeze. You are Happy and You are at Peace.  As You Sit There, You realize that Every Blood Cell is Renewing itself, Rejoicing, and Revived… and You Have Forgotten Any Other Feeling but This. What Ache? What Pain?? .. and That is Just One Minute After Opening a Bottle of doTERRA Essential Oils. Imagine the Other 59 ……and beyond.  See You on The Other Side of Happy (a.k.a. A  doTERRA Scented State Called Joy)!

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