World Prosperity Network is Crowd-Selling Prosperity Coin (WPN) to Support Worldwide Prosperity

Prosperity Coin (WPN) is the First  Cryptocurrency Supporting Worldwide Prosperity.


World Prosperity Network is an organization created to bring about economic balance.  Our mission is to encourage, empower, and progress the world population into self-sustainability, economic growth, and endless prosperity.  We combine business with sustainability to maximize corporate dollars for a more efficient system of money management that leads to economic prosperity for the business, community, and residents.


World Prosperity Network formed out of a need for conscious social-economic growth. We cannot expect government to provide our basic needs. We must empower ourselves and each other, putting our spending dollars to work with companies that give back.   World Prosperity Network is developing plans for green energy communities to efficiently teach the world how to live in prosperity. WPN Communities  rehabilitate, renew, train, educate, and empower people; eliminating homelessness; reversing disease, and eradicating poverty. When we use money and resources wisely, Together, we can achieve so much more.

We are in development of our own blockchain to empower businesses and communities with their own digital community currency.  Retailers and service providers world-wide are embracing cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is digital currency that is being integrated into the checkout process of retailers and shops worldwide.

Our five year plan includes building green-energy sustainable community housing, natural wellness centers, life education classes, corporate coaching, an online world marketplace, community businesses, a Social Media Monetization Platform, and affordable housing created with recycled materials. World Prosperity Network helps residents and visitors live, grow, and thrive.


World Prosperity Network is Crowd-Selling Our Founder’s Token, Prosperity Coin (WPN).

Join our ICO Crowd Sale Now and get in on the lowest prices as an early adopter before WPN hits exchanges in mid 2018.


Prosperity Coin (WPN) by World Prosperity Network.

 Prosperity Coin: Empower Yourself and the World Around You

Expand Your Business, Increase Your Income through Referrals, Buy and Sell Real Estate, Shop the WPN World Marketplace, and Support Worldwide Economic Prosperity.

Prosperity Coin (WPN) by World Prosperity Network supports Worldwide Social-Economic Prosperity.

  How to Buy Prosperity Coin

Click Here to BUY Prosperity Coin

from the Official WPN Website:

Prosperity Coin’s ICO is created on the Ethereum Blockchain. You will need Ethereum to exchange for Prosperity Coins.

You will also need install MyEtherWallet or another ERC20 Compatible Wallet to send and receive Prosperity Coin.

We recommend you use Metamask/Mist Google Chrome Extension to secure your wallet (you will be prompted to do so as you set up your wallet.

Once you are in your wallet and have the dollar amount you want to buy in Prosperity Coins (WPN) in Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet:



How to Buy Prosperity Coin Directly From Your ERC20 Wallet:

  1. Determine How Many Prosperity Coins (WPN) You Want.
  2. Convert USD to ETH with the conversion tool.
  3. Go to
  4. Select “Send ETH”
  5. Send the amount of Ether You Want to Convert Into WPN to the Following Contract Address:
  6. Prosperity Coins (WPN ) will immediately arrive in your wallet once the correct amount of Ethereum is received. Make certain you factor in the cost of gas.




How to Configure Your Wallet to Show WPN coins

Watch this video for Directions on How to Display Your WPN Coin Balance on MetaMask :

You can follow the same procedure with My Ether Wallet to Enable Sending.

CONGRATULATIONS! You Are Now a Proud Early Adopter of the WPN Coin!

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Prosperity Coin (WPN), a cryptocurrency supporting worldwide prosperity.