A Standing Ovation for His Speech and Doctor’s Canceled His Knee Surgery After Dante’s Intervention

Just a little history , I am   67 year old man who was / is having some difficulty living out a healthy happy retirement. I met Dante by accident on twitter and mentioned I wished there was someone like her in my part of the world that could perhaps coach me into better directions.  She volunteered Immediately!

To make things short and sweet I had negative views about many areas of life and certainly woke up each day in a world of physical pain from knees to shoulders to wrists – you name it – and it was painful.

Well, Dante started by making me change my vocabulary from negative to positive and then tried working on the physical areas including losing weight and ridding myself of the thoughts of pain everywhere.  Much of it has worked in only a few short months! My family and friends have noticed changes in my attitude, the pain in my leg is gone, I received my first standing ovation for a speech that Dante coached me through, and the orthopedic surgeon Cancelled my Knee Surgery! My weight is already down 16 pounds.

Is everything perfect now? Not yet – because you can’t erase 67 years of thinking the wrong way in a few days – but I am positive that by continuing to work with Dante, I will enhance my retirement years more than I could have hoped for.

Thank you Dante

J Brockest
Toronto Canada