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Revisalife is a center for Personal Empowerment, Spontaneous Healing, and the Implementation of Neuro-Success-Patterns.

Founder, Dr. Danté Sears is a Metaphysical Doctor and Doctor of Divinity, Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Prosperity Coach, and Holistic Business Consultant that is passionate about helping others heal, succeed, and thrive.

Dr. Dante’s holistic coaching and hypnotherapy sessions are Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), which is a natural medicine practice for that mind and body that signals  the brain to engage the body’s natural healing process by releasing positive neuropeptide compounds, whose affects are more powerfully effective and far-reaching than any pharmaceutical drugs on the planet. These compounds restore the mind and body’s natural balance, resulting in drastically improved health, mental outlook, and behavior.

Her signature system of metaphysical healing is called Dante’s Intervention, which is based upon the principles of  PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI); the study of the relationship of the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) upon the immune system’s function.  This provides ample medical evidence that our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors have a direct affect on our health and proclivity to disease. Positive thinking boosts health recovery, while a negative mental attitude leads to dysfunctional behaviors like self-sabotage, addictions, and destructive relationships, ultimately jeopardizing one’s physical health and ability to thrive. Dante’s Intervention uses these principals in a three step process to eradicate incurable and terminal disease at its source.

Some people are positive thinkers and lead healthy lifestyles, yet will still end up with disorders, diseases, and/or addictions.  Although they are being consciously proactive, unconsciously, they retain negative emotional programming (conditioning), which  is stored deeply within the subconscious mind and can sabotages most conscious efforts.  Many times, the subconscious negative programming will manifest ithypnotherapy1self as an illness or disease that doctors cannot manage to get under control. You may hear statements like “we’ve done all we can”, or “you have six months to live”, when you are a sufferer of subconscious negative programming.

Interestingly enough, these people are usually the nicest,  happy, loving, successful, and outgoing people you know – like Steve Jobs or Farrah Fawcett.  Do not despair if you have received a similar diagnosis. If you truly want to live, we can help you drastically improve your health.

How it Works                                                                               

Think of your brain as a computer that works perfectly until, one day, a virus takes over.  The virus could have been there for a very long time, going unnoticed, running in the background, slowly infecting and shutting down programs (your immune system), until the entire system is hijacked, no longer operating as the same machine you once depended upon.

Similar to a computer, the mind must be switched into a “safe mode” to be repaired.  That safe mode for the mind, is hypnosis. With Danté’s Intervention, we clean out the negative programming and perform a system restore, returning your mind to a healthier, happier date – while simultaneously suggesting positive emotions and more efficient strategies. This process will free  your mind of tension and resistance,  enabling change, improving focus, and empowering you to unlimited success.

With Danté’s Intervention, limiting beliefs, unresolved emotions, and bad habits become a thing of the past, paving the way to a renewed sense of happiness, joy, peace, fulfillment, wellness, and personal success.

Whether you’re a CEO, celebrity, executive, employee, or housewife, one constant remains – without resolving the past –  it’s impossible to have a happy and successful future.  We often see this with celebrities; externally, they are successful, while privately, their relationships and emotions are in disorder, unwittingly sabotaging their chances to truly enjoy success. This is largely due to unresolved personal experiences that are stored within the subconscious mind.  Every time the memory is triggered, a certain behavior pattern will elicit, locking the individual into an ever-expanding problem state. Symptoms are emotional, physical, and mental, manifesting as dysfunctional behavior, unhealthy relationships, unquenchable desires, and mounting frustration, anger, guilt, grief, anxiety, and depression.

Without proper rehabilitation, the cracks begin to appear in one’s mental health and private life, becoming increasingly evident through the erratic behaviors and poor choices that threaten to destroy all that one has achieved; marriage, family, career, relationships, lifestyle, wealth, and health.  Without proper intervention, these problems will multiply over time, leading to an unhealthy state that weakens the individual to disease, disorder, and/or addiction.

Dante’s coaching sessions guide clients through the process of breaking the subconscious psychological bonds of emotional, mental, and physical trauma, freeing the individual’s true spirit, and bringing about a more peaceful nature.  The result is a happier, healthier, more successful and empowered You.


 Click Here for Founder, Dr. Danté Sears’ Bio