“The Next Thing You Know… Your Problem is Gone”

Jamal Johnson, founder of TGRA Trading.com, is an entrepreneur and a financial trading wiz.

He’s already quite the young genius. He just needed that extra nudge to help sharpen his focus and to increase his self-confidence.

Jamal also wanted to gain strength in remaining present (living in the now) so he could continue to grow his budding empire with renewed assurance  and continued excitement.

There were just a few personal blocks ebbing at his keen ability to create unyielding financial success for himself and others.


Watch This Video to Learn How Jamal Conquers Emotions to Remain on Top of the Trading World.

Dante helps Jamal maintain balance and focus. He says the session enable him to easily conquer negative emotions like anger and frustration – so he can focus on his vision of building a financial empire – instead of being distracted by emotions.


How does it Work?

With a dash of Clinical Hypnosis, a pinch of NLP, a bit of Reiki, a few granules of neuroscience, behavioral health, and a hint of psychotherapy… (to name a few modalities)… Dante’s Intervention is a process of healing yourself with your mind.

While accessing your unconscious mind, we allow the conscious (processing) mind a few precious moments rest. During these few, sacred moments, the brain disables the HPA (fight-or-flight) response, which then halts  cortisol production (the stress hormone that delays healing and blocks clear thinking). This enables your brain to function at its highest level of personal expression and wisdom, creating a catalyst for your body to heal itself – and for the mind to become a super problem solver.

This may seem trivial to some, however many people do not ever allow their mind to rest – even while sleeping.  This can be true some of the smartest and brightest individuals. They delight in their brain power, but do not always know how to ‘turn it off’.  In effect, they begin to wake up tired, never truly feeling rested. It becomes an unconscious habit that seems unbreakable. Unfortunately, such a habit eventually leaves the brain in a frustrated pattern of thinking – and the bodily systems become exhausted.

With Dante’s Intervention, relief begins at the countdown from ten – and then your problems melt away.

Now that you’ve heard what subconscious intervention has done for Jamal Johnson’s life….

What can Dante’s Intervention do to Improve Your Life?

Dare to Dream, because Your Wish… is my command. 😉

<3, DSG