Radical Self Love and the Law of Attraction – Workshop


Unlock the Secret to Manifesting the Law of Attraction within Your Life.

Gain Confidence, Build Self Esteem – and fall in Love with Yourself – so you can Attract Healthy Relationships, Happiness, Wellness, and Success.

Learn how to Love Yourself and Attract what You Want with Trance-formational Hypnosis  Life Coach, Dante Sears Geyer.  

Join Me for a  Healing Journey of Love, Self-Discovery, Confidence Building, and Positive Attraction.

This is your chance for a BREAKTHROUGH – Jump-start Your Life – with Unlimited Personal Power and Self Love.  A New You is Here… Get Ready to Shine!

8 Hour – 1 Day – Private Celebrity Coaching Workshop

Product Description

Loving Yourself is the Secret to a Happy Life.

Loving Yourself is the Secret to a Happy Life.

Radical Self Love:

The Secret to Success and Manifesting the Law of Attraction

  • Learn to love Yourself and Attract what You Want.
  • Unlock the Secret to Healing Yourself and Activating the Law of Attraction within Your Life.

Are you tired of feeling unappreciated, lethargic, unhealthy, and unworthy?

Learn how to Empower Yourself – so you stop the arguments, pain, manipulation, pressure, and stress.

Dante' Sears - How to Love Yourself

Experience Personal Success.

  • Fall in Love with YOU
    • Gain Self-Esteem, Confidence, Freedom and Relaxation.
    • The First Step to SUCCESS
    • Learn to Love and be Loved

      • End the Battle within Yourself.
      • Learn to Make Better Choices.
    • Heal Your Mind + Body.
      •         Complimentary Alternative Medicine designed to RELAX your Mind + Body and Enable HEALING.
    • Learn How to Get Anything You Want
      •  Activate the Power of the Law Attraction within Your Life
    • Improve your Life: Mind, Body, Income, Relationships, Happiness, and Joy.
    • Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit, so You Can FOCUS and Be More Effective
    • Create Perfect Opportunities for Success
      • Find the key to success
    • Gain the ultimate relationship & career advice    — straight from your subconscious.

Imagine that a Problem You’ve been struggling with for a very long time –  is now over.

It’s time to End the Battle Within Yourself.

You need Real Results and Rapid Changes — and You Need them Now.

Learn How to Love Yourself and Attract What You Want — so You Can RELAX — Stop the Stress and Start Living. You Owe it to Yourself to Change.

Lack of Self Love is the Reason you keep arguing, even when you really want peace.

Lack of Self love is the reason you stay in a bad relationship.  Lack of Self Love is the reason you can’t lose weight, eat healthy,  or exercise.

Lack of self love is  why you feel inadequate, unable to move forward, and helpless inside. Lack of self love breeds anger, shame, frustration, procrastination,  depression, anxiety, disorder, low self-esteem, abuse, neglect, illness, disease,  and delusion.

Lack of self love is reason  you are having trouble manifesting.

You need self love, psychology,  relaxation, deductive reasoning, and positive thinking to HEAL so You Can Attract the people and situations you desire.  I’ll show you the way.


You Can Heal Yourself with Your Mind – Learn How to Beat Your Diagnosis at DanteSears.com.

With self love, you can achieve great things

Self Love empowers you to make better  choices, like choosing healthy relationships and accepting the challenges of great opportunities.

 Learn how to Maintain Healthy Relationships and Improve Communication.

Gain Emotional Balance.

This Workshop is all about Healing, Building Self Confidence, and Discovering the Real You, the You that is Fighting to BE HEARD.  Together, we will uncover the parts of You that you’ve been neglecting – and strengthen them. The Real You is about to shine bright.

Fall in Love with Yourself.  During the workshop, you’ll find yourself Smiling, Laughing, Crying tears of Joy,  Healing, Fist-pumping in Excitement,  Jumping Up and Down, and Feeling the Love – like never before.

Find Freedom – Learn to Let Go and Live Out Loud – in Brave Boldness of Knowing you are Making the Right Choices.

Find Yourself! Gain Inspiration, Motivation, Vitality, Confidence, Excitement, Zest for Life; Define your purpose, and Discover the Joy of Loving Your Self.

Find love, improve relationships, gain focus, boost efficiency, earn more, and become an all-around better person that Attracts Everything You Want.

Self-Love: A Healing Journey Within

– Unlock The Secret to  Manifesting The Law of Attraction

All Purchases Include:

  • 1 Detailed Personality Report – Discover the hidden nuances in your personality that determine your purpose, potential, career, health, and destiny.
  • 1 Personal Natal Chart – find out with Astrology signs affect your emotional, mental, behavioral, and love undertones.
  • 1 Relationship Compatibility Report and Consultation- uncover the hidden dynamics of your relationship – what attraction, conflicts, and potential.
  • 1 Transformational Personal Strategy Session with Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dante Sears Geyer  ($250 Value).
  • 1 Personal Astrology Assessment a healing consultation by Dante Sears Geyer, detailing your personality strengths, weaknesses, issues, emotional undertones,  obstacles, and career aptitude. Gain confidence, focus, and direction.
  • 1 Subscription Box of Self-Love Essential Oils – Love is a Vibration. Receive 3-4 Sampler Size doTERRA 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to Enhance Your Coaching Experience and Deepen Your Transformation.

Contains 7 Layers of Natural Healing:

  • Hypnosis – medium to heavy trance for natural healing.
  • Reiki – the art of Natural Light Healing, used by Tibetan Monks and Jesus Christ.
  • NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, editing the mind with language.
  • Guided Imagery – Healing work of the imagination.
  • Positive Affirmations – Words of Encouragement for your soul.
  • Strategic Suggestions – Implant a model for success.
  • Self Esteem Booster – Reclaim the Real You and Gain Confidence.
  • Joy Enhancement – Anchor yourself in happiness and joy.
  • Trauma Release – Heal the past so you can enjoy the present.

Topics Include:

  • Self-talk – How  to use The Law of Attraction to edit your language and thoughts to get what you want.
  • Program Your Mind – Positive Suggestions and strategies for success.
  • Get Out of Your Own Way – Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Addictive Behaviors.
  • Conflict Resolution: Heal Your Body with Hypnosis and Reiki
  • Trauma Release Hypnosis – Heal the root cause of your frustrations through Hypnotherapy.
  • Discovering the Love Within – Restore and Enhance the feeling of love within yourself.
  • Activating Your Light Body – Self healing hypnotherapy for reduction of  pain and blockage: Reiki and Hypnosis strategy for deeper healing.
  • Finding Your Inner Child -Get in touch with the Real You and Heal your mind.
  • Manifest Destiny: Strategies for Love, Growth, Success, and Affirmations are programming the Subconscious Mind through imagery, hypnosis and NLP.
  • Q & A: Relationship Advice, Career Advice, and Wellness tips, Ask Coach Dante your question.

Package Includes:

8 SELF LOVE Sessions

in a 1 Day Workshop

Featuring the Following Healing Modalities:

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

Programming the mind for success through targeted word therapy.

2. Communication & Life Mastery Coaching

coaching that  focuses on finding your purpose, creating your life path blueprint, and learning to communicate effectively.

3. Clinical Hypnotherapy

The most effective meta-physical  medical procedure on earth. Eliminates the health issues, inner conflict, and trauma in a snap.
Realign mind, body, & spirit while you ‘sleep’.

4. Reiki Energy Healingreiki_header

 Tibetan energy healing that helps relieve pain and boost healing.

5. Timeline Trauma Release Therapy  – timeline therapy

– Release painful, non-resourceful emotions from the past “baggage”.

6.  Aromatherapy –

We create custom Essential Oil Remedies – just for you –
made with 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA Essential Oils.
Shipped to Your Home or Office for Over-the-Phone and Video Messenger Sessions.
All of these therapeutic modalities are weaved into each session, as needed.


– a $5000 Value – for Just $995

1 Day Intensive Coaching Program

[guarantee_box style=”16″]

Lifetime Guarantee

All of our work is Guaranteed for Life. Should your problem return (but it won’t), we’ll treat you again for free.

Willing participants heal miraculously fast with Dante’s  TSR coaching.
While average hypnotherapists take 30 -100+ appointments  –
Many of Dante’s clients have healed a few lifetime problems – in as little as 1-4 sessions.
Imagine what we can do with 24 sessions.
..And the best part? This healing continues to unfold, develop, and improve your mindset well after your last session.


This is super targeted mind-therapy for the mind, body, and soul.
All you have to do is *want* to change.
 We guarantee miraculous results.

Don’t Miss it!  This is Your Chance to End Self Sabotage, Find Self Love, Create Healthy Relationships, Learn to Make Better Choices, and Activate the Law of Attraction to create PERSONAL POWER within your Life.

You can Attract Everything You Want – and More.

Stop driving away people that love and care about you – and Start Living a life of Purpose, Potential, Prosperity, and Posterity.  Get Ready to Pay it Forward with Kindness, Love, and Attraction.

It’s time to Face Your Fears with Dante Sears.  Get Serious About your Success! 😀

You missed The LIVE Online WEBINAR, which was packed 406 guests. 

Now you can attend this life-changing 1 day event Privately –  on your own time schedule – anytime you need a Reset.

Sign up for This Life-Changing Workshop  — Today.

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Group presentation webinar via internet. Participants will be anonymous. Q&A session included.

Custom Webinar

Scheduled private webinar session. Individual, couple, or groups welcome.


  1. Stephanie Townsend


    Stephanie said:

    “Wow, that was so relaxing. I didn’t even realize how stressed I was until after the webinar started. Your voice is very soothing and I felt the healing go right in, that is incredible! I really needed that huge dose of self love and confidence. Now I can see what was blocking me from taking the first steps to success. The heaviness is lifted!!! I feel more ready and able to achieve my dreams. Thank you so much, Dante, what I have gained from you is invaluable – ME! ”

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