Janet’s Nerve Pain is Gone.

Janet is a housewife and creative artist.  A self-proclaimed busy-body, she was devastated to experience the onset of neuropathy, which included  a constant soreness, tingling, shooting pains, and numbness in her arms and hands.

Enter Dante’s Intervention.

We discovered an overload feeling of responsibility for others beyond her physical capacities.  This condition was further exacerbated by a learned habit of ignoring her own needs – even beyond symptoms of fatigue.

With a few behavioral tweaks and strategies, Janet’s body was able to relax and relinquish the unwanted habit of nerve pain.  In realization of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead to nerve pain, she was able to make an agreement with her Central Nervous System to use better behaviors to prevent negative conditions.

Now, Janet is free to enjoy her busy lifestyle  – with confidence and ease.