Rani had lupus disease.

The extreme fatigue and painful inflammation was almost too much for her. During flare-ups, she was forced to stay home and rest, especially during times of intense stress.

A neighbor told her about Dante’s Intervention.

“When Rani contacted me, she was defeated, but hopeful. My first question to her was, “What are your beliefs about your ability to heal yourself? She quickly responded that she was open to believe anything that could cure her of lupus, because she knew there had to be a way.”

Belief is required to begin the healing process.  With Rani’s ability to believe in her healing, we set into motion an investigation of her thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behaviors to detect the root cause of the lupus. We made tremendous breakthroughs with each session, releasing the bonds of emotional traumas and unhealthy behaviors that contribute to the disease, as well as adding new beliefs, affirmations, and behavior patterns to encourage healthy immune system functions and elicit homeostasis (the state of perfect health, maintained by the CNS and brain).

After 8 sessions, Rani began to feel  amazingly better in all ways.  Her attitude had most notably changed – from a doubtful but hopeful – to a bright, energized, empowered individual.  Less than 45 days later, she called with the news – the lupus was healing at a phenomenal rate!

Less than 90 days from her entrance into the program, Rani’s doctors reported that her lupus was gone – in full remission. Her levels evened out in such a way that, before long, there were zero signs of lupus disease within Rani’s  body.  This is what we call the Awesome Power of the Mind-Body Connection – best applied through Dante’s Intervention. Rani’s  doctors are amazed by her transformation – and we are thrilled for Rani.