Pep Talk – The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up Session


Get motivated fast. This quick, pick-me-up session will inspire you.

Boost your self confidence and drastically improve your mood and mindset now.

Product Description

DANTE’s Intervention

Pep Talk

– The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up


Bad Day? Terrible Month?  

Need a Quick Solution That Won’t Break The Bank?

If you’re going through a sudden rough-patch or a series of highs-and-lows, DANTE’ has your back.

Are you Suddenly feeling Lost,  Frustrated, Confused, or Overwhelmed with everyday Life?

Do you suffer from Lack of Motivation, Depression, Anxiety, Frustration, or Headaches?

These Quick, Self-Empowerment Sessions will get You Back on Track!
No Matter The Issue -DANTE’ has a Solution that Will Make You Smile.

Dear Reader:

We’ve all had those moments when we need more than a friend or loved one’s kind words or reassurances.

On those days, you need much more than fluff talk.

 You need new eyes to see the solution to your problems.

You need new excitement and fresh INSPIRATION.

Targeted Action, Guided Healing, and an Outside Perspective.


Here’s How it Works

I’m going to share a little secret with you that I’ve learned in my studies as a clinical hypnotherapist:

In order to solve a recurring issue, You Must Identify and Solve the Root Cause of Your Problem.

.. In other words… You need to Know WHAT is really causing the unwanted reaction (not what you think it is).

Whenever you need a super-hero-shot of positive energy + targeted results ->

Put a lot of pep-in-your-step with DANTES’s PEP TALK.

Whatever issue has thwarted you off of your path to enlightenment, we can get you smiling in just 20 minutes.

That’s Right – in the Next 20 minutes, you can continue to worry about your problems – or you can Do Something to Solve Them Now.

Whenever You Need it ~ Dante’s Pep-Talk Transforms Your Life.

“I love Dante’s coaching. She Will Have Your Jumping Up & Down and fist-pumping with “Yay, Me” Excitement.”    

Lisa Barton, Travel Nurse, Houston TX


Program Includes:

20 minutes of private coaching

Administered through Email, Telephone, Text, or Skype


Session Features: 

Strategic Relaxation, Healing, and Problem Solving Techniques

 Relax Mind & Body (light hypnotherapy) —->  

Identify Goals —>

Identify Obstacles and Road Blocks —>

Eliminate Negative Data —>

Install Strategy for Success —>

Add Positive Affirmations


[guarantee_box style=”16″]

100% Guaranteed

to Get You Motivated, Inspired, and Ready to Take On Life Again.  Go You! 

Get Ready to Shine, Sparkle, and Laugh Your Way to the Top.

 Onward & Upward – to Your Best Life Ever – Starting Now.


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