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Jump-Start Your Life with a New You.

Say Goodbye to Pain, Depression, Disease, Surgery, and Endless Pharmaceutical Drugs.

Heal Your Life: A Journey of Miraculous Healing

Heal Your Mind + Body: Release Trauma and Discover Your Zest for Life.

How Did This Problem Start??

Ah, Let’s See. If you could go back to a few moments before any Problem Started, You will Find that There Is a Moment in Time that Caused the Incident to Occur.  It could be a Thought, a Gesture, or an Impression that left you Doubting.  That Doubting Lead to an Event. The Event, in face. Once You Find this Place in Time, it’s Easy to Erase the Problem that Came With the Thought, Feeling, or Perspective that is causing you The Problem You are Experiencing Today. Can You See Where I’m Going with this?

In life, we will always be challenged by Problems, Setbacks, and Challenges. However, it is our Response to this Adversity that Defines our Lives.  For Some, it’s Easy to Make a Positive Change. They Just Do It – in a snap. You might know someone like  this. It may even drive you crazy how confident and self-assured this person is in the face of adversity.

Then, there are Others that cannot Easily Make Changes. Try as they Might, these folks continue to hit brick walls. At least, that is how it feels to them.

What is the difference between groups? The Reason for the divide is that the second group of people cannot simply reflect upon a few months or years to fix their ((life-long)) problems. For this group, their problem is not weakness, but strength. The issues present started much younger in life – during the early developmental stages (ages 0-7) when a child should be protected from trauma.  For these individuals, a guide is needed to walk them through the complexities of Trauma Release to begin the healing process – so that they can begin to experience lasting results and, ultimately, Total Self Transformation.

One the problems for Repairing this Data is that the impressions were seeded at an age when the individual was too immature to process the data.  There may be some Repression, as well as Self-Sabotage Present.  Our program guides you to clear the negative data without any of the negative traumatic release responses.  In other words, participants will happily release traumatic memories and negative emotions through peace, joy, love, security, and positivity. This is not your average therapy session. This is laser-target healing that garners instant, lasting results. Finally! Find your way to happiness and Gain Control of Your Life through the Power of Your Mind.


Certified Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Free Yourself from the symptoms of Depression, Disorder, Pain, Disease, and Dysfunction.

Stop the Anger, Hurt, Pain, and Frustration that threatens to Destroy your Life from the Inside – Out.

Heal Your Past, Create Inner Wellness, Brighten your future, and THRIVE.

 Timeline Trauma release therapy may be the single-most important personal development and healing product in the world.

Past Hurts have a way of riddling our present happiness with ever-increasing holes that seem to multiply as we try to repair them.

Change Your Perspective and You Will Change Your Life

Change Your Perspective and You Will Change Your Life


It’s Never too Late to Have a Happy Childhood…

In fact, an individual with a traumatic or troubling childhood is unlikely to see any lasting changes or lasting self improvement – until their past traumas are healed – and their  self-sabotaging defense-mechanisms are eradicated. Generally this behavior begins from perceptions that were made about the world during a time of stress and discomfort in our youth.

“Heal the Past” gently guides you through the memory re-patterning process, finding personal strengths, identifying moments of personal change and enabling HEALING – —transforming your self-doubt into self-assurance, depression into joy, tragic childhoods into peaceful reflections, and powerlessness into amazing personal power, renewed self love, deep gratitude, Radical Self-Healing, and a renewed sense of Love for Your Life.

This program is great for anyone that wants to Overcome Recurring Challenges like Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Disorders, Health Issues, Terminal Illness, Auto-Immune Disease, Self-Sabotage, and Emotional Problems – to become their personal best and Learn to Truly SUCCEED in all areas of life.

This 60 Day Coaching Experience features:

1  Interview and Consultation ($250 Value)

 Weekly Follow-up Appointments ($2000 value)

Intensive Mind-Body Intervention Coaching  ($6,000 Value)

1 Detailed Natal Birth Chart and Personality Evaluation ($250 Value)

2 Relationship Compatibility Reports ($250 Value)

12  Months of Dante’s Self-Love Club Membership ($ 1200 Value) 

Video Conference, Telephone, Text, and Email Support

NLP Reiki Clinical Hypnotherapy Mind-Body Makeovers ($ 2,500 Value)

2  Custom Essential Oil Sampler Subscription Boxes ($ 90 Value)

Accelerate Your Healing with 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

from MyMetaCare.com Essential Oil Pharmacy.

Receive 1 box per month of Dr. Danté’s Custom Blends of doTERRA Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oils especially made for you.

Over $10,590 in Value

for only $3495

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We Guarantee Your Results.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Drastically Improve Your Health and Restore Your Emotional Well-Being

Each session is dynamic, featuring conceptually blended Hypnosis, Reiki, NLP, Guided Imagery, and CAM techniques to produce far-reaching multi-dimensional healing, as well as self-empowered mind therapy.

Get Your Life Back on Track. Break through the Barriers That Are Keeping You From Experiencing

Serious Success, True Joy, Abounding Happiness, Infinite Love, and Unlimited Prosperity.

* Clients report eradication or reduction of headaches, pain, addictions, depression, symptoms, low self esteem, frustration and anger. Reported benefits include increased self-confidence, self-assurance, emotional stability, heightened self esteem, joy, happiness, exuberance, motivation, excitement, improved brain function, increased problem solving skills, and more.
* Recommendations from Dante’s Intervention and Dante Sears Geyer, CHt, NLLC, RMP are not in lieu of professional medical advice, but as a powerful adjunct to healing.  Consult with your physician before beginning any new medicine program.
We Guarantee Amazingly Positive, Life-Changing Results.  Improve Your Life Now.


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