Dante's Intervention - Holistic Approach to HealingPsychological Health Care = Radical Self Care.

You Can Recover from Incurable Dis-ease and Dis-orders with the Power of Your Mind.

With Dante’s Intervention, you can eliminate the root case of all types of cancers, genetic disease, health problems,  auto-immune disease, terminal illness, stage I, II, II, IV diseases, severe weight issues, and many other medically-challenging health problems.

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Beat Your Diagnosis with Dante’s Intervention.

Stress disables the body’s immune system, causing it to go into a sort of hibernation that invites disease.

You may have tried it all – from doctors to diets to pharmaceutical drugs, supplements, herbs, exercise, and remedies – all to no avail.

You may be living in fear, resentment, guilt, anger, regret, remorse, grief, or completely unaware of your negative emotions.

Whether consciously or  unconsciously perceived, negative stress emotions are at the very root cause of every health issue, however the actual cause is hidden much deeper within your subconscious mind – which is triggering the disease, tension, or symptoms contributing to negative health conditions.


Change Your Perspective and You Will Change Your Life

Change Your Perspective and You Will Change Your Life

Change Your DNA

With our accelerated, results-oriented mind-body integration healing system, we target unconsciously stored emotional data triggers to achieve permanent healing.  Healing negative emotional data relieves the body of the HPA response (fight-or-flight syndrome), which then restores the immune system and signals the body to commence the healing process and return to homeostasis which is the state of the body in perfect health.

Dante’s un-parallelled level of dedication to PsychoNeuroImmunology research keeps us on the cutting-edge of Alternative Healing.  Beat Your Diagnosis is a strategic blend of the world’s oldest and most effective healing techniques and sciences – blended with care –  to deliver the most effective disease-healing treatment on the planet.  We combine  over 12 distinct healing arts and sciences to harmonize the mind, body and spirit – bringing about a feeling of newness, confidence, peace of mind, elevated self-esteem, renewed joy, love, and elevated prosperity.  Dante’s Intervention  clients don’t just live better — they live wellness.

Dante Sears Geyer - Dante's Intervention CoachingOur philosophy for the Beat Your Diagnosis program was developed by ‘the great physician’, Hippocrates, who believed that “Powerful forces within us are the true healers of dis-ease”.  His philosophy is the basis of our  technique. Restore your mind-body health.  Gain access to your personal power to achieve anything you desire to overcome.

Heal Your Body, Gain Energy, and Become the person you were meant to be — YOU.

…… Results Guaranteed in present-day, super fast, lighting speed.

Designer scheduling and expedient results are standard in our Beat Your  Diagnosis Program.

Eliminate most Diseases within 30 Days

You can Rebuild Your DNA makeup, eliminate genetic predispositions, and experience more efficient emotional processing – from the inside out.

All Results come with Dante’s Iron-Clad Lifetime Guarantee

You need only be Ready and Willing to Heal.


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Lisa Martinez - Before Dante's InterventionDoctors told Lisa “Brat” Martinez she had just six months to live.

She suffered many compounded medical conditions, including Liver failure, Heart Arrhythmia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. As Lisa prepared her children for their last Christmas together, she said her goodbyes and made peace with her past.

With only 2 months left to live, Lisa signed up for Dante’s Beat Your Diagnosis program, after a suggestion from a celebrity pal.

Due to Lisa’s health, our coaching sessions were all conducted via telephone and in bulk quantities, instead of weekly or bi-weekly.

We plowed through 3 sessions in one day, took a break for one month, then, we had another 2 sessions – in a day.

That was just last month.

I spoke with Lisa last night – and she immediately burst into tears of joy.

She explained that her doctor had told her — today — that she only has 1 disease left — out of the 7 deadly diseases that she had in January, when she first started the Beat Your Diagnosis Program.

“I am so thankful that I no longer have to take 5 bottles of pills every day”, she cried.

Lisa’s doctor actually told her that she’s SAD to see her go – because of how amazingly positive Lisa is and has become — but — the Rheumatoid Arthritis is almost healed, too. From dying with 7 diseases  – to 85% healthy — in just a few months!  Imagine when she finishes her program?  Lisa is one of our walking miracles – just like you will be!  She was brave enough to share her story.

Lisa hasn’t even finished her program yet — and yet, her life and career are blossoming — better than ever before.

Lisa is writing an auto-biography about her journey of healing; to share her experience with others.

She has requested we share her story with the world – so she can help save some lives —- like yours.

Beat Your Diagnosis with Dante's Intervention

Beat Your Diagnosis with Dante’s Intervention

“Beat Your Diagnosis is a truly Amazing Experience.”

We are still learning of the mind’s boundless potential to heal and recreate life.

We have found there to be very few limits (except the ones we place upon ourselves) – only possibilities.
If you have read this far, by now, you are showing commitment to change your life for the better.

I want you to be another one of my success stories –  like Lisa. You were meant to shine.


 Dante Recommends:

 Our Intensive Healing Program for multiple diseases and conditions.


The Process:

1. Investigation: 

Before our first session, we will discuss the core issue and you will provide basic data for our research
(name, D.O.B., goals, setbacks, etc).

2. Interview:

We use psychological analysis to discover all of your limiting beliefs and the root cause of your problem(s).
(“I’m too old to ____”, “life sucks” “I’m not very smart”, “My Mom/Dad wasn’t Around”, etc.).
The first step is Analysis. We’ll will collect data from your mind in a relaxed environment.  This will mostly be one-word answers from you.

3.  Intervention

With the collected data, we will design a custom intervention plan to eliminate negative conditions contributing to your problem or ailment.
We repeat of system of Analysis and Treatment until all symptoms have been eliminated, leaving you more confident, secure, relaxed, and healthy.
While healing one issue — we usually end up healing many other issues as a positive side effect.
**Please not that the any painful emotions or experiences you want to avoid experiencing
– will never come up under a hypnosis session unless you want to discuss them.
Some events heal others, such as a bruised ego in childhood.
Once resolved, many uncomfortable experiences will no longer need to be addressed after the root cause is eliminated.
When we heal the root cause of the negative feelings, peace of mind is the result.
With peace of mind, behavior modification and healing is automatic.

To Review:

Let’s be clear —> The root cause of most health issues – are psychological – and/or nutrition-based.
No one can cure a disease – your immune system is the cure.
When we fix the psychological issues… you may find that… suddenly your entire body feels much better —  even old injuries and chronic pains vanish — because many of these issues are psychologically inter-related. Seriously. That’s the beauty of this work.  You – and others – will see, feel, and experience the miraculous effects in you and within your life — from the first session onwards.
“It feels as if someone took the “ceiling” off of your mind – allowing you to see clearly….
and suddenly – you are capable – and life is beautiful again!”
Science has long proven that cells regenerate every 24 hours, potentially giving you a “new body” every seven years.
However, it’s the messages within your body that tell your cells ‘how’ to reproduce cells. Whether they will be new, healthy, renewed cells – or old, aging, mutating cells – whether you are aware of it – or not – that’s your choice.
The mind is the gateway to the Central Nervous System, which distributes feelings and communications throughout the body, such as pain, coordination, behavior, and – enabling – or disabling  your immune system.

Clinical Hypnosis – the World’s Most Effective Medicine

Clinical hypnosis is more effective than brain surgery or pharmaceutical drugs.

You don’t have to fear hypnosis, because hypnosis is how your mind already works.  Everyone is already walking around, hypnotized. TV, speech, stories, the news, pictures, symbols – are all hypnotic communications. TSR restores the Inner You, the guiding force, which has become confused by all of these contradictory mind-messages…. to a point that you think you cannot control your own self… when, in fact, you are completely in control – just unaware.

Somewhere beneath all of that obsolesce is an inner-child with hopes, dreams,  and “what if’s”…

You feel your goals are out-of-reach….. because  __________, _____________, and _______________.

However, it isn’t the problems that are the problems – it’s your Attitude about the problem – that’s the problem.

In fact, solving problems is how we become truly wealthy.

Truly Successful Individuals are fabulous problem solvers and solution-makers.

They can come up with solutions to problems in an SNAP —-> because they do it all day – and the love it.  That’s right…

So, Do you want to be a problem maker? Or a Problem Solver??

Beat Your Diagnosis

30 Day Coaching Program

just $995/ailment

Become the limitless being you were always destined to become.
You may heal very fast – or you may need a bit more time, but after only 8-12 hours of coaching – you may find that you already feel like a brand new better-than-ever version of You.

————  Examples of Successful Interventions: —————-

1) Disease:
Editing the mind of negative behaviors that no longer suit the prime objective of the mind & body to ease tension in the body,
which restores homeostasis.

2) Chronic Pain:

Resolving conflict in the mind-body to relieve pain activity centers of the brain.

3)  Trauma:
Erasing the emotional pain and blockages caused by traumatic episodes to eliminate resulting disease, disorders, and predispositions.
4) Physical Injuries: 
Heal the root cause of the injury, which eases discomfort and signals the body to heal  the ailment.
5. Genetic Conditions:
Negative Genetic Predispositions are eliminated to heal the mind of familial associations
that lead to disease, disorders, and chronic conditions.

Dante’s Beat Your Diagnosis Program is a Life Saver.

  We guarantee miraculous results.


All Programs Include Lifetime Guarantee


You Attract That Which You Think.

 Package Includes:

4 Beat Your Diagnosis Sessions

Featuring the Following Healing Modalities:


1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

Programming the mind for success through targeted word therapy.

2. Communication & Life Mastery Coaching

coaching that  focuses on finding your purpose, creating your life path blueprint, and learning to communicate effectively.

3. Clinical Hypnotherapy

The most effective meta-physical  medical procedure on earth. Eliminates the health issues, inner conflict, and trauma in a snap.
Realign mind, body, & spirit while you ‘sleep’.

4. Reiki Energy Healingreiki_header

 Tibetan energy healing that helps relieve pain and boost healing.

5. Timeline Trauma Release Therapy  – timeline therapy

– Release painful, non-resourceful emotions from the past “baggage”.

6.  Aromatherapy –

We create custom Essential Oil Remedies – just for you –
made with 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA Essential Oils.
Shipped to Your Home or Office for Over-the-Phone and Video Messenger Sessions.
All of these therapeutic modalities are weaved into each session, as needed.

4 Sessions – a $2000 Value – for Just $995


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Lifetime Guarantee

All of our work is Guaranteed for Life.

Should your problem, disease, or condition return (but it won’t),

we’ll treat you again for free – until it’s gone.

Participants heal miraculously fast with Dante’s  Coaching – most times in as little as 3 sessions.
While average hypnotherapists take 30 -100+ appointments  –
Dante’s clients shed a lifetime of problems – in as little as 1- 3.
Imagine what we can do with 8 – 12.
..And the best part?
The healing continues to unfold, develop, and improve your mindset and lifestyle over the course of a lifetime.
That’s the Beauty of Dante’s Intervention.