Attract Solutions to your problems.

Imagine that the problem you’ve suffered with for a very long time.. is now over.

You may be surprised to know that Problems initiate from just a few sources.  One of the biggest problems that many face is self-sabotage, which comes from the lack of self-love and self respect. You may think that you Do love yourself – and you probably do.  While it’s a question that only you can answer, as a trained mental health professional, I can tell you that there are Many non-verbal signs that you are (unknowingly) using to communicate  your lack of self-love. A few obvious examples are: materialism, slouching, obesity, lack of eye contact, snobbery, bad relationships, gossip, moodiness, manipulation, bad health, drastically altering your appearance, and radically inappropriate behavior – or appearance.  Lack of self-love is  most evident in teens,  however, it is especially  dangerous in adults, because of their spheres of influence  – especially leaders, bosses, spouses, and parents.

Why Me?

Whenever you are lacking in self-love, you’ll attract the people and circumstances that you do not want to attract.  You may wonder – “why me?” –  as others cross you in ways that are not to your preference, desire, or liking. You are constantly sending signals to communicate your lack of self love. When you lack self-love, you are like a billboard – with a picture of a fat, juicy, tasty-looking cheeseburger, complete with the tempting smell of char-grilled burgers, with cheese , wafting out of your billboard  – taunting all of the  users, abusers, antagonists, predators, and manipulators to approach you.


You Attract That Which  You Think.

You Attract That Which You Think.

The Law of Attraction

You may not realize that you are sending out signals to invite bad situations into your life, but when you lack in Self-Love, you only attract others who lack in it. These wolves in sheep’s clothing will sniff out your desperation – and exploit you to the fullest.  It’s not because they are all bad, it is simply because they don’t care about their own selves, either.

Without self-love, you are incapable of loving others. Without self-love, your love will be like poison to all those that drink of it.  Without self-love,  you are desperately seeking to fill an inner void with exterior items; a void like that can never be filled with anything less than LOVE for YOURSELF.    It is a lack of self-love that leads good people – to do ugly things –  that don’t serve them well.

Learn How to Love Yourself – so you can Love others – and be Loved in Return.  Love, Grow, Heal, and Succeed.

With Every Thought You Are Manifesting Your Reality.

With Every Thought You Are Manifesting Your Reality.

I thought that I loved myself…

….but it turned out that I was riddled with anxiety and insecurities.

If you’re having trouble loving or accepting yourself, you may need a Self-Love Coach to help you resolve conflict and guide you through the process of releasing trauma. It’s nothing to be embarrassed of –  I was once in your shoes. As an artist, singer, model,   and entrepreneur, I thought that I was Very Confident.  However, I kept running into the same kinds of problems  – attracting emotionally unavailable men and sabotaging my chances for great opportunities within my chosen career path.  Once I finally realized the pattern was a lack of self love, I went to work on the solution.

I read personal development and self-improvement books, but it seemed that some of my issues ran deeper than I’d initially estimated.  I never gave up hope and I kept pressing forward.

The Key to Success Lies Within Your Mind

The Key to Success Lies Within Your Mind

The Mind-Body Connection: PsychoNeuroImmunology

While studying neuroscience in college, I learned that the brain stores trauma experience in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that stores traumatic memories.  Trauma creates scar tissue on the brain, which then acts as a trigger.  The trigger causes involuntary repetition of the the same sort of behavioral patterns – every time that negative memory is triggered.

Thoughts Create (or Destroy) Reality, Health, and Success.

Thoughts Create (or Destroy) Reality, Health, and Success.

Since we know that cells are constantly renewing within the body (based upon “DNA”), I knew there was a good chance for me to heal myself.  I went back to school to learn the core disciplines like NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki,  so that I could re-program my brain to heal itself and help others do so, as well.

Once healed, I quickly I learned that I really could ((easily)) live the happy lifestyle I always desired.  It starts with your perception of self.  Once I learned to truly love myself, I became limitless.

Now, I can manifest better than ever. I have cleaned my slate of the limiting beliefs that caused me to make wrong choices.

People Will Be Drawn to You by The Light (or lack thereof) of Your Heart.

People Will Be Drawn to You by The Light (or lack thereof) in Your Heart.

Invest in You.

Investing in myself was the most important decision I could have ever made. It has made all the difference. I can buy clothing and makeup, but what am I saying to myself if I will only buy those things, yet not invest into my own well-being?  It would be like investing in a paint of for your car, but not fixing the interior.  That would make an attractive exterior, but not a very valuable car – nor an enjoyable ride.  Will you show yourself how much you are worth? Invest in yourself: quality time, feeding your soul, developing your talents, reveling in your creativity, personal development, self-work, taking care of your body, and most of all – loving yourself and your creator.

Could you use this same kind of Healing in your Life?  What area of Your life could improved with true self-love?

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Love You,

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