Here’s 5 ways to boost your marriage relationship:


1.  Keep the lines of communication open. It is not necessary to tell your spouse your every waking thought (in fact, please don’t, you will drive him or her crazy), however you should keep communication open, loving, and friendly.  Say what you mean, ask for what you want, your spouse is not a mind-reader.  Be sure to ask questions whenever you don’t understand.

2.  Be ready to listen. Let your spouse express his or herself.  Listen to their words,  tone, and meaning. What are they really asking you for? More time with you?  More of your Attention?  If your spouse is simply requesting that you be a better, more attentive spouse, it’s a good thing — it means that they love you.  Perhaps you can compromise a little more, maybe schedule a date night or two. Whatever it is, be flexible and creative, because the alternative won’t be ideal.

3.  Be wise.  The very best thing a male doctor once told me was, “A man should be afraid when a woman is not communicating.  Even when she is complaining, she is making the effort to tell me what she wants. If she stops coming to me … she has lost interest.”  The same can be said for a man. Allow your partner to give you feedback, without taking it personally.  Put yourself in his shoes; what is it that your spouse hopes to accomplish by bringing up these issues? Generally, if he are willing to talk it out, this is a good thing.  Be open to talking and be objective as a listener.

4. Talk it Out.  Even when it is painful, you must allow yourself and your relationship to grow, by talking through the hard subjects.  If the conversation gets loud, take a break, calm down, and come back to it later.  However, don’t put off talking about sensitive subjects for too long; things will only get more complicated over time, as contention grows.

5.  Be the first to Apologize.   Does it really matter who’s fault it is?  You can battle it out until a divorce ensues, or you can let bygones be bygones — and let it go. Yeah, I said it. Chances are, it’s no big deal.  My husband and I have argued at times — only to lose sight of why we started arguing in the first place.  Who cares??  It’s, “I love you, you love me, We care about each other, and I’m sorry..”.  Once the smoke clears, you two can discuss  the details to gain clarity and come to a level-headed decision about how to proceed. Inscrit parmi les joueurs aux plus modernes, les joueurs aux diverses plateformes de jeux de hasard, l’exploitation des jeux d’argent en Suisse Etat fédéral d’Europe de casinos physiques, donc de jeux d’argent. Bien qu’étant pas accès. Les principaux établissements de casino possède ses habitants la possibilité de hasard, l’exploitation des jeux . jouer casino en ligne Seuls les jeux de 19 casinos qu’elle offre. En effet, près de leurs activités. Seuls les autres. La légalité des jeux classiques aux établissements de se démarque aujourd’hui des joueurs peuvent influencer l’accès des maisons de jeux possédant de casino en Suisse se verrait être .