Watch Your Mouth - words have power

Words are much more important than you think. Choose wisely.

 How do you view yourself?

Are you a winner? Or a Loser? Most people think that others are in charge of determining these titles. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. You are a winner if you say you are a winner. You are not a loser – unless you’ve identified yourself as one. Define Yourself before seeking outside opinions.

Listen to Yourself

Do you call yourself fat, ugly, stupid, idiot, failure, or a loser (etc.)?

Or are you improving, learning, making progress, excited about your future — an amazing person — and proud of yourself?

It’s not what others see in You that makes You – it is what You think about You that makes You.   …That’s right…Really think about that last sentence.  It’s all about the way you view yourself. You create your own reality — we just live in it.

If you don’t like something about you —- trust me — it’s Fixable!  Either change the circumstance — or imagine a better-suited reaction – and use it.  If you cannot do it on your own, you may be a candidate for trauma release hypnosis therapy.

Listen to How You Describe Others

Pay attention to the way you describe things – especially other people and situations. Is it positive talk – or negative, mean gossip? If you overheard someone talking about You in the same way that you describe and criticize others — how would You feel?  The way you talk about others has a lot more to do with how you feel about yourself – and a lot less to do with them. Do you think of others as beautiful and amazing, or do you refer to them in derogatory terms (even if it’s a ‘term of endearment’)?

The language you utilize to describe others can repel the very people and situations you desire to attract.

Do you see a lot of Ugliness around you that Needs to be Critiqued?

–  Or can You See Only See the Beauty in People?

Do you hear yourself saying nothing but complaints — or do you focus on the praise and compliments?

Are you full of disappointments — or do you praise achievements?

Do you feel like you have nothing but shortcomings — or are you filled with the sweet smell of success?

Do you see a world full of problems   — or do you imagine a life of Limitless Opportunities?

When you are ill — where is your focus — on the pain? Or do you focus on resting and healing?  Did you know that negative feelings actually delay healing? Stress releases cortisol, an agent released by your adrenal gland that delays healing.


Having a great attitude is key to reducing stress, thereby suppressing cortisol release.. Perhaps that is why the bible says, “Rejoice, even in your suffering.. I say to you – rejoice!”


Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your World.

Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your World.

Therefore, you must mind your mouth and watch your words.

Change Your Language and You Will Change Your Life.

Attract Through Your Heart

Attract Through Your Heart

Remember: Like Attracts Like.
Every action creates an equal reaction. Attract other and the opportunities you desire by speaking from your heart – instead of your ego. Speak with love and patience for yourself and others. If you call others names, chances are you are saying them to yourself.

The self-esteem is the gateway to your immune system. Therefore the most susceptible person that could possibly be poisoned by your language — is listening: You.


TRY THIS Exercise:

Monitor your thoughts this week. Start today. What do you say to yourself to motivate yourself?
Any time you catch yourself using negative words – change them. Every time you do so, you will find yourself growing exponentially. Negative words steal your energy, while positive words provide energy, vitality, and joy.

Mind Your Mouth: Watch Your Words.

The Most Important Person is Listening: YOU.