Most people question their true calling in life. Were you destined to be something that doesn’t exist within your daily, ordinary life? Perhaps. If so, your days will be filled with confusion, frustration, and a general feeling of restless misery – until you find your purpose and follow it. Why is that, you ask? For one thing, Humans were not meant to ignore their own emotions. Emotions are messages from the brain. Ignoring the messages from your brain causes physical, emotional, and mental turmoil. You may feel as if you are divided into different personalities, depressed, moody, experience anxiety, and/or engaged in self-sabotage. Pay attention to the thoughts that come right before those feelings. The fact that you feel something negative should tell you that there is a problem and that it’s not just your imagination. You need to operate within your purpose. I’ll explain purpose and show you how to find yours.

What is your purpose? Well, that’s the easy part. Have you ever heard that commercial for auto insurance that says “Freeway… it’s that thing you’re driving on”? Well, substitute the word “freeway” for “purpose”… Purpose is that thing that drives you… and it is the thing you are “driving on”. In other words, your purpose is something that you do – all of the time. It’s the thing you would do, no matter what, whether you are getting paid – or not. Purpose is the general theme of your life. Figure out what you do, naturally (IE; all of the time)… and what you are absolutely passionate about (what truly touches your heart?) … that is your purpose.

More clues… What is the general theme of your behavior? What are you always fighting for? More than likely, you are already operating in your purpose, whether it involves helping others, leading, managing, forecasting, guiding, building, providing, or otherwise. One purpose we all have on earth is to LOVE. This purpose is evidenced through conception and human instinct.

I’ll give you an example to help you find your purpose. I’ve always loved reading and researching. It is something that I have always done. I love to be informed because I want to help make this world a better place for everyone. Whether I am paid or not, this is my purpose. Knowing my purpose allows me to act upon my instincts without any negative feelings to slow me down, like guilt, shame, or remorse. Instead, I feel a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and integrity, knowing that I am doing exactly what I was made to do.

A general sense of purpose reveals your true identity. Your specific purpose will be revealed in time, as you continue to cultivate your own sense of purpose – by living it. It’s good to be different and it’s great to operate within your purpose. When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Now, go forward —- and Live Your Dreams — that’s Living!