Empowered.  Inspired.  That’s how I feel every time I hear Christina Aguilera singing “The Voice Within”. It is clear that the lovely songbird is no stranger to pain, heartache, triumph, and achievement. Even though it was released in 2002, every time I hear it, my mood is instantly elevated, and I feel more confident and excited about life.  There is strength to be gained from listening to this beautiful song – and studying it’s creator.

Remember the Old Christina??  Watching the live performance video, I could not help but notice the drastic changes in Christina’s appearance.  I am reminiscent of the happier “Genie in a Bottle” days of her youth … not her controversial weight issues.  This video is quite obviously from her “Xtina” days, as there is a great deal of heartache etched into dear Christina’s normally worry-free face, not to mention the black hair and unnatural makeup “mask”.

Although her face was Heavily airbrushed, even the heavy makeup could not begin to hide the great deal of pain in Christiana Aguilera’s eyes – and in her visage. I felt so moved, watching her and listening to her sing; I could feel her pain and her triumph.

What a beautiful voice.  What an amazingly accomplished young woman. Like so many young, beautiful, amazingly accomplished celebrities, Christina was once plagued with self-doubt, self-esteem issues, and carrying around the past hurts that still haunted her.  The first time I saw this video, I wanted to reach through the television and give her a Big Hug!!  If only I could have coached her back then; she would’ve been back to the happy, confident Christina we all know and love – in no time.

Celebrity or not,  just like Christina, many people struggle to pull it together when life doesn’t go as planned. No matter how accomplished or beautiful you are — everyone has those moments of self-doubt – where the present and the past have seemingly fused together to re-create the very same situation and problems that you hoped to escape and never face again in life.  When that happens, instead of fighting through and persevering like you normally would, you take one look at that challenge – and fold.  Outside, you may be smiling, but inside, you are suffering, feeling like you will explode at any moment — and no one knows it but you.

It wasn’t that long ago that I felt the same way; holding back all of the hurt, never fully healing, and trying to lead a normal life, while suffering inside.  Friend, that is a recipe for disaster; a ticking time bomb!  You can only suppress emotions for so long.  You can only carry those heavy chips on your shoulder so far…  Whatever bag of negative emotions, feeling, hurts, disappointments, anger, and frustration you are carrying around, TODAY is the day you Set the Bag  Down – and start living your life again!

That’s right, I said it – set that heavy bag of burdens down — you don’t need all of that anymore.  Life is a journey — pack light!  Dig deep and look within yourself for the answers to what’s really bothering you — be honest with yourself — and fix it.  If you cannot do it alone, hire a trusted life coach or clinical hypnotherapist to help you edit your mind of hurts and pains.  You can do this. “Look inside yourself… and Trust the voice within”.

I absolutely Love this song! If you need a theme song for healing, this is it —> “The Voice Within”.  The song is a masterpiece! The word choice is all about trusting your own instincts – and is a perfect example of how  words can uplift and inspire.  In terms of life coaching, the song is an inspirational gift.  Many thanks to Christina Aguilera for creating such a candidly beautiful song. Thankfully, she overcame those incredible odds in her personal and professional life, and is now starring in the network tv show, “the Voice”.

What can you learn from Christina Aguilera’s determination?

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