Imagine how it feels to have everything you want — right now 

Why don’t you already have it?

You may come up with many excuses and people to blame, but what it really boils down to is you. What do you really want? Be honest with yourself.

Do you really want all that you say you do?  If so – what is keeping you from getting it?

Here are 5 ways that I have discovered to help you get everything you want – and more:

 1.  Ask for it. Let me ask you something: have you ever even asked for what you want?  What might seem like clear communication on your end, may not be as transparent for others.  Don’t be shy! Sometimes the hardest thing is to say what you want, but once you ask, the process becomes much easier. I used to beat around the bush and drop hints, expecting my man to read my mind – and then I would get mad when he guessed wrong or performed incorrectly.  How fair is that?  It wasn’t until I learned How to clearly ask for what I wanted (no guesswork needed), that I saw the power of communication unlock within my relationships.  It’s powerful stuff!  Even the Bible says “Ask and you shall receive”. Therefore, if you haven’t asked for it yet, do it now. In fact, every time that you want something, just ask for it, first.  Just by asking, you will increase your odds of getting what you want by 50%. You would be surprised how many yes’s you would get, if only you ask correctly — and with confidence!

 2.  Learn the psychology behind what it takes to attract what you really want. If you’ve been trying to change things, but you don’t feel like you’re getting results, you may need to fine-tune your approach.

Example: You want better friends? Be a better friend. You want a better spouse? Be a better spouse, first.  Want a better relationship with your sibling? Be a great sibling. Like attracts like. That man or woman you want has a type. You can try to become the type that they want to attract — or you can just be yourself and learn to attract what you really want, thereby ending up much happier in the long-run.  Either way, whatever you want, you must become it, first. Of course, you will not be able to become a new Lamborghini, but you can become the type of person that earns enough to drive a brand new Lamborghini  – and soon enough, you will be the real deal …get my drift?  Practice makes perfect, so get started now.

3.  Remember: Bees like honey, not tar.  Stop trying to force that square peg into a round hole! You cannot force your will upon the unwilling. Either learn to love what you are  attracting, or learn how to attract what you love. You will exert less energy attracting flocks of the willing.  Besides, if you force it, once you get it your way, you won’t want it, because you had to be someone else — or do something you didn’t want to do — to get it — and that’s not you. You will only be happy being you — which leads us to the next rule…

4.  Know Yourself. To get what you really want fastest, you must begin harvesting your inner wealth by developing your hidden nuances and qualities. That means, spending time to get to know the real you – and making yourself smile.  Positive people receive more chances for opportunity, which  definitely helps in getting what you want.  Getting to know yourself will help you uncover your purest intentions.

5.  Spread the Word and Live it. Lastly, to attract what you want, you must share your vision with others in a way that  highlights your strengths and goals. People love to be informed, so when you have a great mission that involves purpose and goals, they feel invested in you. Your vision is a short story about  who you are, what you are working on, and where you are headed.  Your vision story should be able to be summed up into a few sentences, so that you can share it quickly and often. Sharing your vision not only boosts your self-esteem,  it helps you to live the vision, so that others see it in you, aiding you in informing others, which will help you get what you want much faster.  The key is to spread the word and get your story out to as many people as you can, refining your approach until you get the desired result.

To develop your Vision story, ask yourself: what is truly important to you? Are you on the quest to become the world’s best internet CEO – a dream that stemmed from a tiny idea when you were a child?  Or an adventurous soul that wants to experience the world before settling down? Be crafty, Be Creative, but be certain that you represent yourself as a powerful hero (or heroine) in your quest, never powerless.  There are more ways than one to tell the truth about who you really are.  Being personally powerful is a big part of getting everything that you want, so add that to your story, now.

In summary, to get what you want, you must:  1)  Ask for it –  using clear language (ex: I want _________. Can I have it?).  2)  Be honest about what you really want. 3)  Bees love honey: Use psychology to attract what you want.  4)  Be true to Yourself – don’t try to force it.  5)  Share your Vision story to spread the word.  

Now, you can get more of what you want. It really is that easy.

Which of these rules have you been ignoring?  Which ones will you implement today?