Here’s a quick math problem: 3 people live in a mansion. 1 young wife + 1 young husband + 1 older mother.

Now, solve for X:

-2/3  people,  2x/Poisoning + 1 House = 1 elder surviving parent… wait, when does that happen in real life?

This tragic story has always interested me.  It has now been determined that one of my favorite actresses, Brittany Murphy, died of arsenic poisoning. Brittany’s father believes that the U.S. Government is to blame, citing a conspiracy of higher powers.  Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, blames killer mold in Brittany’s  multi-million dollar Hollywood hills mansion as the culprit.

Why would SImon Wojack and Sharon Murphy want you to remember their beloved Brittany Murphy as confused and frail?

Little Girl, Lost. Why would Simon Wojack and Sharon Murphy grieve Brittany Murphy by depicting her as  confused?

As a multi-certified  Communications Specialist and a Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), this is my professional opinion of what Sharon Murphy and Simon  Monjack are ‘telling us’ via non-verbal communication:

The details of this case are certainly intriguing, more so due to the strange photos that surfaced of Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy, mourning. While the photos are  meant to convey sadness, it is hard to ignore that Sharon and Simon seem somehow romantically linked.  How, you ask? First, body language. While nearly 27% of communication is verbal, approximately 73% of communication is non-verbal – and unconsciously transmitted – communicating our deepest thoughts in tone and body movements.

In the announcing of beautiful Brittney’s death, this photo was released, featuring a framed  portrait of Brittany Murphy – portrayed in a clown-like character – wearing white face-paint, holding a cigarette and posing in a manner that conveys a damaged and insecure individual. Clutching the photo of Brittany is her shifty-eyed husband, Simon Monjack, and steely, blue-eyed mother, Sharon Murphy, who stares on with an icy,  guarded, secretive look; appearing hollow and masked.  My first TWO impressions of this photo (left), were that it was of a couple – I had to perform a triple-take to realize that I was not seeing was not a couple, but a grieving mother and bereaved son-in-law. I then asked myself why a loving mother and husband desired their beloved Brittany to be remembered this way – with face paint and in portrayal of a fictional  character  – instead of her naturally beautiful, wide-eyed, polished self?

Notice how Simon and Sharon’s heads meet up comfortably, suggesting unity – even appearing as a couple upon first glance. Search pictures of Brittney and Simon Monjack, and you will not find too many shots like this, where he and his own wife could be so intimately close, even for a photograph. Additionally, Monjack appears fearful, pupils dilated. Based upon her cold stare and hard smirk, Sharon Murphy appears more cunning and guarded than grieving, especially holding a photo that does absolutely no justice in depicting her beautiful, bright-eyed, talented, deceased daughter, Brittany Murphy.

Could our beloved Brittany Murphy have lost her life to the two individuals she trusted most?

simon and sharon couples shotWhile it may appear so, I won’t go as far as to say that Brittany Murphy’s mother and now deceased husband conspired to murder her for money. However, I will say that their body language suggests that that they probably knew a lot more about Brittany’s death than they have lead onto – and that they were romantically involved.  The ‘meeting of the minds’ pose, as their heads touch (above) conveys a mental agreement, or this photo (left), where Sharon’s head is one Monjack’s heart, suggests intimacy and being of one accord, while her hand on his lower abdomen suggests physical intimacy.  There are interviews in which Simon refers to her as “Babe”, and she calls him “Sweetie”..  Lastly, let’s not forget Sharon Murphy’s admission to the Los Angeles County coroner, at the time of Monjack’s death, that she and Monjack shared a bed up until his death. These are all simple clues that suggest that there is more to be told in this unfolding story.

Although there are far-out conspiracies of Illuminati hits being put out on the couple, we must remember to keep it simple and follow the bread crumbs.

Is it highly probable that Sharon Murphy was poisoning Simon and Brittany all along, as their health decreasingly failed?  Sharon certainly had the most to gain -as well as access to the  food and drink sources within the home.  What is quite intriguing is that signs of arsenic poisoning include congestive heart failure, ventricular arrhythmia, and pulmonary edema.  Simon was suffering with heart issues when he interviewed with Sharon Murphy on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, just months before his death. Simon had suffered a heart attack on December 5, 2010, just days before Brittany’s death.  This information suggests that Simon and Brittany were slowly poisoned over a length of time, leading us to wonder why Sharon Murphy, who lived with the couple, wasn’t also affected by the same poison (if it was from an outside source)?  Sharon was certainly intimately close with the couple and very involved within their private lives, calling herself and her daughter “soul mates”, and showing very intimate physical affection for Simon, yet she, the eldest resident in the home, has no biological symptoms of arsenic poisoning, herself. I am lead to conclude that either Sharon Murphy is a walking scientific miracle – and should thus, donate her blood to science – or she knows who was poisoning her daughter. I say the latter because of Simon’s heart failures, Brittany’s weakness, anemia, and pneumonia are all symptoms of long term arsenic poisoning. Assuming she is innocent, how did Sharon, Brittany’s admittedly ‘close as a twin sister’ mother – avoid illness – twice?

While such a horrific plot seems unthinkable, we have to wonder -> if there was killer mold in the house (causing the arsenic poisoning),  as Sharon Murphy suggests –  why wasn’t she – the oldest and least healthy person in the house – affected by the arsenic…??  While we cannot suggest that this grieving mother would do anything harmful to her daughter and son in law – as now, reports are now surfacing that Brittany and Simon were fearful of some kind of Illuminati sub-governmental retaliation – we cannot ignore the fact that Sharon Murphy was the one that certainly had the most access to both victim’s food, drink, and living environments, yet remains unscathed by their deadly health crisis…

Time will tell if the truth prevails in this twisted, tragic tale of death and deception.