How do you deal with the stress of your problems?

Some people bottle their frustrations, becoming volatile under pressure, exploding or becoming passive-aggressive towards employees, spouses, and even their own children, not knowing where – or how – to properly vent their anger and frustrations.  Other emotional bottlers compound their problems by holding it all in, slowly tearing themselves apart from the insides out.

There are a few well-adjusted souls that know all too well how to deal with stress – and they do it well.  You will see these types regularly doing something that is both active and relaxing, such as going for a walk or run, deep breathing, meditation, or Yoga.  The neurological explanation for why these tasks are so emotionally healthy are, 1) they allow your brain a chance to RELAX and HEAL, 2) exercise releases stress build-up, which,  3) allows the flow of healthy thought patterns and inspiration, and 4) exercise enables the release of endorphins, which creates a renewed sense of relaxed happiness within the body.  Worriers and Over-thinkers often find it hardest to take a break from their problems to perform these life-saving exercises, but it is the preoccupation with the problem, itself, that is the problem.

Many times, we tend to think that we are the problem – or that someone else is the problem — or that the problem isn’t the problem – instead of focusing on the SOLUTION.  Focusing on solutions empowers progress, putting a final end to your suffering, propelling you towards success.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches us that personal language and subjective experience, combined upon brain function, is to blame for your personal perspective of problems, disorders, and diseases.

Simply put: The way you feel about your life – and the way you think about yourself, tasks, and others – is the Reason why some mainly experience pain and problems –  while others thrive in solutions and opportunities.  Limiting viewpoints cause stress, tension, frustration, and adversity.

Check Yourself: Take a moment to listen to the way you describe people and situations – are your words positive or negative?  If you have a positive outlook, you will easily navigate towards promising situations and positive people, attracting opportunities, and bringing out the best in yourself, and in others.

If you have resentment or a negative viewpoint attached to your children, spouse, employees, co-workers, peers, or job, you will feel the stress creeping up, day-after-day, compounding into a huge ball that is wired to explode upon trigger.  This dangerous viewpoint can lead to road rage, nervous breakdowns, depression, anxiety, and unmanageable anger.

You may think that others are the problem –  or that you are unable to overcome to your problems — but it is only your failure to manage stress, that is the problem. That’s right…

How to Improve:  Change your mind.  You can have some gratitude, for starters.

Also, Have Integrity: Find better ways to describe everyone and everything you come into contact with.  Better words create a better mindset. An improved mindset means better health.

Edit Your Thoughts: Just as a computer can catch a virus, so can the mind.  It all starts with Listening to what you say.  You must also Pay Attention to Which Images, Sounds, and Stories You Allow into Your Mind; What is the Overall Theme?  What parallels exist between your outlook and your present lifestyle? Are you satisfied with the result?  If so, great.  If you are dissatisfied, you can Change Your Life by changing your mind.

Negative Stress is the reason why some are in pain, failing in health, tired, and worn-down, while others @ 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 – are in great shape for their age.

Through Revisalife’s Total Self Recovery Program, we can edit out “mind viruses”, a.k.a. limiting thought patterns, bringing forth the peaceful, relaxed, self-assured, inspired individual you were meant to be: happier, healthier, more productive and much more successful — on your path to finding your true purpose.

Life is what you make of it, Friends. Make it AMAZING!!

You want to be able to say that you TRULY did EVERYTHING you Possibly could to ACHIEVE Your DREAMS.  You want to have Better  Relationships with your children, in your marriage, with your parents, and friends. You Need a Great Relationship with Yourself, great Wellness — before your chance is over — right??  That’s what Personal Development and Clinical Hypnotherapy is all about.

In summary, to reduce stress, you can exercise or Yoga. You can think about all of the things you are thankful for, starting with the smallest of things and keep listing your blessings until you feel amazing.  Those that tend to Over-think and worry should program your  mind with positive words and a more positive outlook.

If you – or a loved one – needs help implementing changes, Invest in Yourself with a Revisalife Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment program.

Invest in Yourself with time and attention.  Gain the Greatest Financial Returns ever –> Self  Worth and Total Self VALUE.  When you value yourself and your time, you will be better able to manage stress and accept new opportunities.  Very Soon, stress, itself will become a non-issue and you will be a healthy, happy, successful master of solutions.