What do you say to motivate yourself?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches us that if you are using negative statements, for example,  “I am ugly”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m not happy”, or “I’m so fat”, you will find yourself feeling all the more ugly, unable, overweight, and unhappy.

If you are using Positive statements, such as  “I can do this”, “I am excited”, “I’m going to win”, or “Yes! “, you will feel empowered, focused, motivated, and inspired.

Positive thinking - womenWhen driving, your vehicle veers into the direction of your focus.  There are many distractions and obstacles surrounding you.  If you look down at the road, instead of looking towards the horizon, you will steer down into the road, which is exactly where you will end up! If you focus on vehicles around you, in the commotion,  you may find yourself in an accident with the vehicle you were eyeing.  A great driver can calculate the safest route – in advance – to  successfully navigate the surrounding obstacles.

Success in Life is very similar –  it’s all about focus and direction.

[dropcap]…[/dropcap] Where is your current thinking driving you?

Take a quick Self-Analysis:

If any of your thoughts are in the negative sense, these words are disabling you.  Negative thoughts hinder your personal growth, cripple your personal power, and have the power to cause illness, insanity, death, and destruction within your life and the lives of others.


  •  “I can’t…”
  •  “I don’t want to be broke”   
  •   “I don’t want to be fat and ugly like him/her” 
  •   “I don’t like…”

To Enable and Empower Yourself, simply Change Your Thought Patterns to reflect Empowering Positive Statements, which will Supercharge Your Personal Growth. Positive statements allow you to think with clarity, sharpen your focus, and dream up new plans, empowering you to progress – to go out and get what you really want most out of life.                  


  • “Yes, I can…”
  • “I will be rich and successful” or
  •  “I can be confident and beautiful like ….”
  •  “I prefer…..”

These Simple word-shifts will create Massive Progress within your life.  If you need help installing this mind-pattern strategy, contact us.  Enjoy Your New Mindset!