How Deep Can You Go Into Trance?

If there is a part of your mind that is chatting away and asking questions right now… have it follow along with me and repeat everything I say.  Send your mind on a vacation. Pack it’s bags and send it to a far away destination to rest.  A tropical beach….or a mountain retreat… perhaps a beautiful park. Choose your destination now as your mind arrives there… and Let it relax…very good.  You are resting in a hammock that is slowly swaying in the breeze. That’s right…. Feel yourself swinging softly in the afternoon air… back and forth……… back and forth….. rhythmically swaying ever-so-gently in the cool, sweet, crisp breeze.  You are suspended in pure, restful, joy as you inhale deeply…((the air is so nice here))….and then exhale, letting it all go.

Continue to relax here as you swing back and forth, back and forth….. that’s right… very good.  …. r e l a x….  and take a deep breath and exhale as you let it all go..   The background fades out and you focus on the sound of my voice in your head, saying these words to you now as you relax all the way down – fully and completely.. that’s right…. enjoying this perfectly warm day as cool breeze kisses your face.  Doesn’t that feel so good?  You are doing great.

Just relax here and enjoy the peaceful, tranquil view as your unconscious mind works on its own; coming up with all kinds of solutions to fix all those old problems… as you sway back and forth in the breeze.

Notice the birds flying overhead in an arc position.  They fly together without concern, moving in synchronicity, knowing what they should do instinctively as float about the sky in gentle waves.. that’s right…

Feel yourself swaying in the breeze as your cares drop far away from you… falling to the floor, rolling far away from you now as they disconnect and sink down into the sand.  That’s right.  You feel weightless, rejuvenated.  Very good.

Relax Your Body with Your Mind.

Relax Your Body with Your Mind.

Now that we have some good mental relaxation, let’s relax your body:

Relax your head and the muscles in your face… fully and completely.  Relax your neck. Relax your shoulders.  Relax your chest and the muscles behind your chest.. all the way down.  That’s right. Allow your greatest desires of love, joy peace, and security to gently rise within you now as you relax your arms, and then your fingers.  Relax your stomach and the muscles surrounding your stomach.  Relax your back.  Every muscle in your back is relaxed, now relax your hips.  Your hips are perfectly relaxed and in perfect alignment now, so relax your backside.  Relax and align your knees.  Relax your legs. Relax your calves… all the way down. Very good.

You are so relaxed now, but I want you to relax your toes, letting go of any remaining tension, woes, worries, and concerns as they flow down your head, down your shoulders, down your chest, and through your legs and out through your feet.  That’s right.. just relax here and enjoy this as you swing back and forth in your hammock.. The sun is setting, but you are warm. The breeze is gentle, and you are weightless.  Even more now… weightless.  Your mind is at peace. Your body is relaxed, and your eyes are softly focused here and will remain focused here as you R E L A X… fully and completely.

Before we leave this place (and you may stay as long as you like), I want you to go inside your unconscious mind and find the place where you have stored the completely positive memory of the last time you felt safe.  Once you have found that memory, I want you to re-experience this very pleasant memory, recalling: What caused you to feel safe and how it felt.  Once you have experienced this very pleasant memory, I want you to store it in a place where the feeling is always accessible to you.  Very good.  Hold onto that feeling.  Now, once you have stored this very pleasant memory, I want you to clap your hands 3 times and say “It is Done”.  You are Awake, Alert, and ready to Go to Sleep or Start Your Day.

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