Vaccines Shed the Very Virus They Are Meant To Prevent, Infecting Others

“Is it truly wise to Immunize?” Dr. Dante Sears


As a child, I hated vaccines.

They would round us up into trailers for booster shots and the like.

As soon as I’d see the needle, I would scream bloody murder, yelling “You’re killing me,” as nurses tried to get me to sit still for my immunizations.

It would take as many as seven nurses to hold me down to administer shots.

MIAMI, FL – JANUARY 28: Miami Children’s Hospital pediatrician Dr. Amanda Porro, M.D administers a measles vaccination to Sophie Barquin,4, as her mother Gabrielle Barquin and Miami Children’s Hospital R.N. Diane Lichtman (R) hold her during a visit to the Miami Children’s Hospital on January 28, 2015 in Miami, Florida. A recent outbreak of measles has some doctors encouraging vaccination as the best way to prevent measles and its spread. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Fast-forward 20+ years and I still hate vaccines… and so do kids.

As it turns out, there’s great reason to dislike vaccines.

On You, you can watch a video of the former chief scientist of Merck admitting to finding cancer and AIDS in the vials of Guardasil vaccinations meant for young girls.

An article on backs up this up further; vaccines cause disease.

How can injecting a disease inside your body prevent disease?

Your immune system cures disease and vaccines disarm the immune system.


Have you ever read the ingredients of a vaccine?

I have.


Horse urine, mouse brains, aluminum, mercury… I could go on.

The Guardasil vaccine, itself, is filled with – well, HPV, as well as aluminum and sodium borax, which is a harmful poison.

Guardasil vaccination is filled with HPV, sodium borax, and aluminum.













Yale University found a link between various brain disorders and vaccines. 

The full article can be read here on

I will be updating this article with more proof – or more posts as time goes on.

It’s time we take back out health.

If you, or a loved one have been negatively affected by vaccinations ando begin  want t

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