In your last days, which things will you wish you’d done more of…?

Emotions can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.

Negative emotions can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.

The worse thing you can do to yourself is continue in the same old lies, regrets, disappointments, and cycles of bad behavior; refusing to admit that you are wrong. In fact, negative emotions like guilt are dangerous to your body, causing inner tension and stress, disabling the immune system. Besides that, the most valuable thing we have in life – besides loved ones – is TIME. Do not continue on in the same unresourceful behaviors – just because of the time you’ve invested – instead, think about the time you’re wasting now. Time is of the essence. Instead of worrying about wasted time – be diligent with the time you have left – as you are wasting it. Besides, everything is a lesson – and it all happens for a reason. You are here now – and you are right where you should be. Accept the valuable lessons of what hasn’t worked – so you can find the things that work best for you now.

How to Move Forward with Purpose
Make a plan to do more of what you want now.  Most importantly, STOP living in lies! That means STOP hiding your feeling and start communicating. There is no better way to get what you want – than learning HOW to ask for it. That starts with a clear understanding of your wants and descriptive communication. In other words, Drop the CHARADES, because No One is fooled – except for You.

First and foremost, stop fooling yourself out of a good life! I promise you that there is nothing better than living the life you desire internally …in the external world. You must let go of past failures and disappointments. You must forgive everyone – even yourself. Allow yesterday’s mistakes become today’s life lessons. When you stop living lies, You START LIVING.

What do I mean by lies??

“I’m not attractive enough”, “No one likes me”, “No one will hire me”, “People only like me for my money”, “No one calls unless they need something from me”, “He/she rejected me”…

Oh, I could go on…! However — we can all be attractive, likeable, valuable, worthy, happy, and loved – once we decide that we truly want those things. That’s right – you hold yourself back. You make yourself look unattractive with your own negative thoughts, bad attitude, and sallow expressions. You reject a partner when you refuse to do what you know will make them happy – and then cry “rejection” when they are finally fed up and leave. However, I’m not saying that you should acquiesce others. You should take a moment to figure out who you really are – and what you truly want from others. It is then – and only then – that you can attract the people, situations, and things that you’ll appreciate enough to keep.

Get outside, take off those blinders, and feel the mightiness of the fact that you are ALIVE – which is a miracle in itself! You are here today. You have yet another day to make the changes. You have another day to make things right. You have another day to inspire yourself and others, to get inspired, to become the person you envisioned yourself to be. You have another day to make things right, to ask for forgiveness & start living the good life.

Stop Being the Victim
People say ‘life sucks’, but when we end up in the ER, we fight for our lives – and get angry when doctors don’t do their utmost – to save us. Therefore, life is actually a precious thing to be cherished. Why not take just 5 minutes of your time – to sit back – and dream up how you would like the rest of your life to be? 

As a starter, think of your last day here on earth. What do you want to have accomplished? Who would you like to spend quality time with? What is most important to you?  Put your focus there. Make a real plan of how you can do more of those things – now. visualize

A plan consists of an objective (example: Spend more time with my mom), actions, dates, frequency, and commitment. Now, as long as you work that plan, you will be able to RELAX and ENJOY your life. Feel free to edit your plan as needed, but always keep your vision and wants in mind. This will reduce anxiety and depression. Focus on the end result (a great relationship with _______) – and look for opportunities along the way – your unconscious mind will do the rest on its own.

Heal Your Brain through subconscious intervention.

Heal Your Brain through subconscious intervention.

It’s Never too Late to Live a Great Life
Brain cells are constantly renewing. If one refuses to grow, saying “No, I have been hurt too much”, or “life is not worth it”, they have inhibited healing in their bodies and signaled the onset of dis-ease. The brain controls the body. When your brain speaks, your body listens and responds accordingly.

Many athletes end up injuring themselves and out of their hard-earned careers; believing injury is apart of the game. Actually, a part of them – neurologically – has stopped fighting to survive as a player, and is now searching for the opportunity to get out of the game before they ‘really get hurt’.
Examples of thoughts that illicit failure are “What’s it going to take to make me stop ________________, “or one day _________ might happen- and then what?”, as well as conjuring up images of defeat. Instead of inviting the worst, we must Look for the Best. Imagine if You ALWAYS SUCCEEDED at Everything. Imagine it.  Ask yourself — “What if I succeed?”, and you will.

You must learn to imagine and project success. Surely there will be mishaps along the way – that is how we LEARN. You Can LEARN at any Age. All You Have to Do Is OPEN YOUR MIND to LEARNING. When you choose to LEARN from ALL life Experiences, you will never regret a day in your life. Choose to Learn from all experiences – with Increasing Integrity – and you will enjoy every day on Earth. It’s Your Life; How you You Live and die – is all up to you. Choose to live well and you will live with vitality and age gracefully.

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