How to Heal Your Body and Mind with Dante’s Intervention – fast, natural, and simple.

First of all, no one can “cure” a disease.  The Immune System is designed to treat and cure any and every disease, whether its genetic, terminal, incurable, or congenital.

So, if the human immune system can heal anything, why do people still get sick?

Personal Struggles can take a toll on the body’s immune system.  When you are stressed – whether internally or externally – your body goes into “fight-or-flight mode, triggering the release of cortisol, a hormone that delays healing by shutting down the immune system.  You  may feel like you’re fighting a losing battle or falling into an endless hole. You may have tried it all – from doctors to diets, pharmaceutical drugs, supplements herbs, exercise, and remedies – all to no avail.

You may be living in fear, resentment, guilt, anger, regret, remorse, grief, or otherwise. These dangerous emotions are at the very root cause of your issue, however the actual cause is hidden much deeper within your subconscious mind, which is triggers the reaction that leads to disease, tension, and/or symptoms contributing to negative behaviors and resulting in detrimental health conditions.

bodychrtNegative emotions are at the very root of all health problems and are very hazardous when trapped inside the body – where they can manifest into mental and physical conditions, such as debilitating illness, terminal disease, chronic pain, disfigurement, loss of hearing or sight, clinical depression, and even addiction. The mind can create many challenges for the individual who is unaware of his own negative conditioning and behavioral programming.

Self-sabotage can make pesky things like addictions and disease very hard to treat with ordinary therapy, because your willpower cannot yet support long-term, drastic lifestyle changes – making recovery seem all the more impossible and frustrating.

Psychotherapists, rehabilitation centers, and addiction therapists often find trouble in eliminating sub-persona behavior, which is rash, angry, sabotage behavior, mood swings, or other drastic, unhealthy behavior for a person that is under the influence of negative conditioning.

Negative conditioning is the result of child abuse, neglect, malnutrition, and other negative programming in childhood. These experiences leave an indelible mark upon your life, causing undue stress and negative reactions when triggered by certain life events and situations. These triggers are actually emotional scar tissue, which are stored unconsciously within the hippocampus (memory part of the brain), remaining lifetime triggers until the emotional data is properly healed.  When triggered, the negative emotional data causes stress, which triggers the HPA Response, also known as ‘Fight or Flight Mode”.  Your body is unable to heal while in HPA Response Mode, and with prolonged stress, contributes to the breakdown of bodily systems and decreased mental health, ultimately leading to disease.

Change Your Perspective and You Will Change Your Life

Dante’s Intervention’s Total Self Recovery Program is an accelerated, results-oriented mind-body integration healing system that targets unconsciously stored emotional triggers for permanent healing. Healing negative emotional data relieves the body of the HPA response, which then restores the immune system and signals the body to commence the healing process and return to homeostasis which is the state of the body in perfect health.

Dante’s unparalleled level of dedication to PsychoNeuroImmunological (PNI) research keeps us on the cutting-edge of Alternative Healing. TSR is a strategic blend of the world’s oldest and most effective healing techniques and sciences – strategically blended – to deliver the most effective disease-healing treatment on the planet. We combine over 12 distinct healing arts and sciences to harmonize the mind, body and spirit – bringing about a feeling of newness, confidence, peace of mind, elevated self-esteem, renewed joy, love, and elevated prosperity. TSR clients don’t just live better — they live wellness.

 Dante’s Intervention – Master Life Coaching
The philosophy for Total Self Recovery was developed by ‘the great physician’, Hippocrates, who believed that “Powerful forces within us are the true healers of dis-ease”. His philosophy is the basis of our technique. Restore your mind-body health. Gain access to your personal power to achieve anything you desire to overcome.


The Emotional Brain is responsible for processing negative emotions that lead to disease. Dante’s Intervention uproots negative emotions, eliminating the root cause of negative conditions like stress, which contributes to anxiety, disease, and disorders.

Dante’s Intervention is a truly amazing process for healing the mind and body. We are still learning of the mind’s boundless potential to heal and recreate life. We have found there to be very few limits (except the ones we place upon ourselves) – only possibilities.

“It feels as if someone took the “ceiling” off of your mind – allowing you to see clearly….and suddenly – you are capable – and life is beautiful again!”

Science has long proven that cells regenerate every 7 years. However, it’s the messages within your body that tell your cells ‘how’ to reproduce cells. Whether they will be new, healthy, renewed cells – or old, aging, mutating cells – is your choice.

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