The Cycle of Human Suffering (pain, disease, trouble, problems) is Due to Karmic Debt. Karma simply means “What Goes Around Comes Around”, which is the phenomenon called Cause and Effect.

Cause and Effect is the one true force of nature that creates all things. The bible talks about how one action begats another and how ‘the sins of the father fall upon his seed (kids)”.

This is not hocus-pocus religious mumbo-jumbo. It is confirmation of the fact that Everything Happens for a Reason. Whatever you do comes back to you tenfold (meaningfully; in a major way that magnifies the problem so you can see the consequences of such actions and therefore learn to make better choices). The sower sows a seed that eventually blossoms. The result is determined by your level of INTEGRITY- even in the smallest things.

A secretly contentious couple breeds a silent child. A secret cheater gets cheated – tenfold. A heartbreaker sets himself up for the ultimate heartbreak. Sometimes it seems the good have the worst luck, but its the result of them shedding the negative programming that made them want to be good. Not all karma is bad. Actually, bad and good have little to do with this force. It is simply the teacher delivering Lessons of how to order your life.

Most of us would agree that a book or guide would be a more merciful choice, but clearly there is nothing better than experiencing something in full sensory immersion (reality) v.s. reading a sheet of paper. We are here to learn, grow, thrive, and sustain. Its that last step that gets the rich in trouble, as good times start to weaken one’s perveived value of his/her fellow contributors. If you don’t appreciate the people and things that hell you sustain, you will soon fail to sustain and have to start the process alllllll over again.

Can humans learn to be content?
Can we evolve to learn our lessons and do the right things without the motivation of pain and suffering? I sure hope so. Change starts within. So, if you can become a person of 100% Bang-Up Integrity, the world can, too. Be the Change.

We need to learn #Gratitude in all things. Times change. Psychology remains.
Learn to appreciate everything all of the time so karma doesn’t have to reteach its lessons.


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