♥ For the last five years, I’ve used essential oils to effectively heal my body from multiple conditions, including pain, aches, Inflammation, cramps, anxiety, sadness, frustration, skin issues, hair dryness, hair growth, bruises, cuts, deodorant, and so on.

I’ve also recommended essential oils to clients to greatly assist them in healing. Clients report healing from cancer – and cancer scans down by 70% in the first 30 days –  heartache, hesrt disease, wound healing, stress, constipation, gastrointestinal issues, brain cognition, emotional dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, cellulite, weight loss, feminine issues of all sorts, irritability, child behavior, depression, lack of confidence, motivation, self love… I could go on and on and on….

Some conditions need a combination of components to heal; not simply essential oils, like cancer, for instance. However, it’s a powerful adjunct to healing. Essential oils like doterra, applied transdermally, will penetrate the cellular wall within 20 seconds, causing massive cellular healing and healthy cell reproduction.

Why are essential oils so powerful? Doterra’s distillation process preserves the immune system of the plant, allowing you to benefit from the plants blooming immunity. Additionally plants have strong properties of photosynthesis, which powers the oil to be naturally life-giving.

As a brand, I highly recommend Doterra Essential Oils. They are the most potent and effective, plus 90% of them are edible. Once you learn how they work and how to use them, you can replace most synthetic over-the-counter meds with this natural goodness. I like to buy veggie capsules to fill and swallow my oils as pills. They are so exuberant, one can experience a gentle natural high due to the high frequency of essential oils.

Be certain to buy the manual that explains the science behind the healing. Essential oils help you heal by boosting your cells and immune system, placing your body in homeostasis, which is the State of perfect health and well-being, where no dis-ease can exist. I’ve witnessed these oils save many lives, whether solely, or in conjunction with high-grade CBD oil, CAM,  Intervention, and alternative medicine.

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